When you decide to build a pool, you should also think about the equipment required for smooth operation. Heat pumps, filters, and covers are some of the basic items you’ll need. At Majestic Pool Service Inc., we can help you choose the ideal swimming pool heat pump. Besides, we have some of the most efficient pool heat pumps for sale available.

The Pool Heat Pumps that We Provide

When identifying the best heat pump swimming pool heaters for our customers, we pay attention to quality, durability, and energy-efficiency. Here are some of our models that will give you excellent service:

  • HeatWave SuperQuiet

Fitted with a titanium heat exchanger and a patented hydraulic design, this heat pump from AquaCal will provide you with a lot of energy and money-saving opportunities. Firstly, it’s a variable speed pump, which means that you can adjust its speed to suit your needs. In addition, it has a single speed application that allows you to complete a task within a short time.

  • TropiCal

If you want a heat pump that can run efficiently in low temperatures, the TropiCal® is a suitable choice. It features a defrost cycle controlled by a microprocessor that allows it to operate as low as 40s °F. The cabinet is resistant to fading, rust, and can withstand impact. Compared to other conventional heat pumps, this one is much quieter.

  • Hayward HeatPro

The HeatPro heat pumps from Hayward have been recognized as some of the most energy saving in the industry, with the manufacturer even being named as EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. This pump has an ultra gold evaporator coil with strong corrosion resistance that makes it suitable for coastal environments. HeatPro pumps are known for their quiet yet high-performance operation.

What to Expect With Our Pool Heat Pumps

When purchasing pumps, most clients ask, ‘what size heat pump do I need for my swimming pool?’ Heat pumps are sized by BTUs (British Thermal Units). Machines with higher BTUs can operate bigger pools, while smaller pools require less BTUs. To determine the correct size for your pool, you’ll need to calculate the temperature increase you want, multiply it by the surface area of your pool, then multiply by 12. The result will be the total BTUs required to maintain your pool at the right temperature efficiently.

So, how much does it cost to run a pool heat pump? The answer to this depends on the size and type of pump you’re using. For example, variable speed pumps can save you up to 90 percent energy costs annually compared to single speed pumps. If you’re using a small-sized pump for a big pool, you may find yourself incurring extra costs as the pump will be overworked.

When you get the right pump for your pool, you can expect it to heat the water in about 24-72 hours. Factors that determine how long that will take include the size of the pool and the temperature you want to achieve.

Get the Right Pump

If you’re wondering, ‘are pool heat pumps worth it?’, talk to us today at Majestic Pool Service for details about the benefits and costs of heat pumps. For a free estimate regarding top swimming pool heat pump installation, service, or repairs, call us today on (631) 606-3188.