A swimming pool of any style or quality will develop indicators of potential problems no matter the duration since its establishment. Knowing how to spot common issues that need pool service in Long Island is a cost-saving habit. Signs of impending problems help in scheduling necessary maintenance and repair by the best pool service company on Long Island.

Standard pool services by Majestic Pool Service


Ripping and tearing of the coating are common structural issues that affect swimming pools with considerable age and little resistance to impact. Tears are common when the pool has various sharp objects such as play toys or fallen stones and branches.

Luckily, tears are easy to fix because they often affect only a couple of tiles. More copious cracks are often the result of negligence and will require intensive repair efforts.

Pool pump motor

Motors circulate water and heat within the pool. A dysfunctional engine may result in exceedingly high electrical bills or unfavorable temperatures like the extreme coldness of the water.

Scheduling regular pump services will remove the dirt that blocks proper temperature regulation. Additionally, scheduling a small Long Island swim pool service will result in lower costs than having to replace the entire motor.


Water may drop to lower levels during summer because of increased evaporation rates, especially when the scale is in the 100-degree bracket. However, leaks are the primary cause of continuous water loss.

Leaks require complicated diagnostic processes because they could be along any part of the pool’s system, such as the pipe, water valve, or the inner wall. Proactivity will determine if each element is in its steady condition and let you prepare for any concerns in advance. Our team uses electrical gadgets and advanced detection tools to pinpoint pressure leaks and liner leaks.

Lighting problems

A burnt-out pool light is not always a significant concern for repair. They, however, become a problem if the bill is rising faster than usual, or the pool’s users are in danger of running into physical accidents. We can recommend ways you can run lower RPMs or replace the lights with LED alternatives to save energy.

Lighting problems are easy to detect because we only have to inspect the system in connection to the pool. Every pool tool has hard wiring into an electrical panel. The best practice is to turn off the power at the breaker immediately you note the problem, then proceed call for emergency Majestic Long Island pool services.

Plaster tear and wear

Plastering is how a technician deals with a surface that feels like pebbles or sand to the feet. Another condition that needs plastering is a faded embarrassing color or staining. These are great reasons to schedule a pool service, especially during spacey seasons like fall and the end of winter.

Filter system

It is critical to have a working pool filter. Common filter problems arise from high filter pressure that causes expensive replacements. An excellent pool repair company will recommend cleaning the filter after it exceeds a certain degree, such as a 5-8 PSI. Alternatively, schedule a monthly cleaning session and annual replacement of the cartridge or grids. Our Long Island swim pool service is relatively fast because we have experienced technicians for a complete pool service on Long Island. Contact us for an inspection, estimate, or pool maintenance services that will leave your pool in an optimum functioning state.