It is risky to schedule a pool opening during the week of the critical date. The weather may drastically change and cause a delay in plans. Another situation is you may not get to use the pool because of dysfunctional tools at the time of the opening. The best practice is to schedule the Long Island pool services at least three weeks before the due date.

What is included in pool opening service?


An opening pool service in Long Island will not always include performing repairs on the same date of an opening with Long Island swim pool service. The opening does not guarantee you can swim in the water because our staff has to check the chemicals and cleanliness to ensure the safety of users. We also recommend that you let the water run for several hours before we can complete the opening process for the optimum swimming condition.


The basic opening process includes the installation of the following equipment:

  • Lights
  • Pump
  • Ladder
  • Pool shock treatment
  • Heater

We have comprehensive opening chemicals for the safe opening of covers and pool maintenance services. The opening process may include vacuuming, cleaning of the filter, and the pool cover and giving the customer the freedom to customize other aspects of the opening.

Essential processes for the best pool opening service


The first mistake of opening a pool is failing to protect the outside of the pool deck. The technician should clear months of debris around the pool so that they do not end up in the pool. The debris should not end up at the top of the cover so that it is easy to pull away. It takes a few minutes to spray away dirt with a hose and brush.


A safety pool cover has anchors that hold the top in place. Forgetting to screw them back into place is likely to cause accidents of stubbing your foot on the rogue. It is essential to find the brass covers along the perimeter of the pool and using grease to turn down the stuck ones during the complete pool service on Long Island.

Opening the valves

This step is easily forgettable, leading to the system’s damage. Open valves remove pressure from the pump and prevent accidents such as the filter blowing several feet into the air.

Preparing the pump

A pump with a locking tab should be in place so that the drain plugs have tight security. Excellent pool service will remove old tapes and replace them with new ones, so the pump is tightly in place when full of water.

Filter details

Our job is to leave you with the least amount of work needed before the start of the pump’s operation. A multiport valve could give you a headache because it requires several preparation steps before it can function with ease.

Our pool service company on Long Island will start the pump on waste and let it run for a while to clear worms, dirt, antifreeze, and other gunk. How much does pool opening cost? The cost to open swimming pools averages between $200 and $400. It should take a few hours to leave everything in excellent working conditions when you hire Majestic Pool Service in Long Island.