Durability is perhaps one of the essential features of a vinyl pool liner. An adequately installed one will be very forgiving in harsh weather and last anywhere between fifteen and twenty years. The thickness of the liner will also determine its longevity and the freshness of the pool.

There are several benefits of the best pool liner replacement service, in comparison to concrete and fiberglass. Our vinyl pool liners are available with thicknesses of 27mil and 20mil. They both offer extreme protection against UV rays and bacterial infections. Here is why you should hire a vinyl pool liner installation in Long Island.

Pool liner replacement pros

Less expensive

A pool is a decently large investment with a high initial cost and constant pool maintenance schemes. Vinyl pool liners are, however, less costly than concrete or fiber because they require few materials to sustain their stability.

Little maintenance

Long Island pool liner installation takes work and expertise for installation. The maintenance is not nearly as demanding as that of concrete pools. The only pools that may require intense maintenance are ones that are in dusty regions or surrounding trees.

Vinyl also allows one to use a salt-water generator to replace chlorine. This process eliminates the need for using additive chemicals and makes the water soft without the use of complicated manual regimens.

Low costs

Vinyl pool liners are easy to patch or repair. You will enjoy the pleasant surprise that the repair cost is not nearly as much as the price of patching fiberglass.

Design flexibility

These liners no longer fall within the restriction of rectangle pools. They have various sizes and shapes, which can be custom-fit to the design of the pool you want. You also have an enormous number of choices for the color, texture, pattern, and thickness for installations in spas, waterfalls, and varied pool shapes.


Pool liner installation in Suffolk County typically includes attractive warranties because they do not pose financial threats to the manufacturer or the installation company.

Best time of year for pool liner installation in Long Island

Pool contractors need time after the booking date to plan the details of the project or collect all necessary resources. Consequentially, the contractor may have to add your project to the queue. This setup may delay an urgent need for replacement or repair, before a due date that falls before the day of the project.

Majestic Pool Service Inc. can save you money and time when you make a booking in advance. Besides having an adequate number of contractors, we follow a strict work timeline to meet construction deadlines. You can, however, make the most of different times of year to ensure your project receives immediate attention.

Late winter

Pool contractors have enough time at the end of winter because most people are still not anticipating warm temperatures.


The middle of summer may seem like the worst time to schedule pools and liner replacements. Contrastingly, it is the best time because most people handled all pool-related affairs at the start of the season.

Contact us for a breakdown of the cost estimate of the liner’s installation. You can also call us to investigate the current status of the existing liner in preparation for busy pool days at the peak of summer.