An LI swimming pool is a beautiful supplement to your backyard’s landscape. It will give you years of entertainment for your family and friends and make your home a cozy spot for visitors who spend more than a few hours. Installing your pool means you do not have to bug the neighbor or check into the local one with a multitude of clients.

Choosing the right pool contractors in Long Island means you will have an easy time cleaning the surfaces, and not experience frequent cracks and possible water loss. Do not attempt to follow a DIY construction process because you will possibly create a pool that only lasts a couple of weeks before it shows signs of destruction. The best pool companies in Long Island NY will exhibit the following competent qualities.


This aspect is the determinant of whether you will have frequent needs for repairs immediately after the construction. There is no substitute for a contractor who knows how to work with all types of landscapes, soil makeup, water flow, and other minute constructional details.

A trained contractor cannot cut for a swimming pool construction on fragile soil at the side of the hill. Contractors who have honed their skills to learn about the best materials and their interaction with geography have faster construction timelines. Our culture of work guarantees you a rich orientation process that equips you with the knowledge of what you can expect.


The pool service company on Long Island has to demonstrate their completion of minimum educational requirements and a certain degree of experience to earn a license in their area of operation. Hiring Majestic Pool Service Inc. protects your rights to the manufacturer’s warranty and any available service warranty.

Our accreditation is available to all clients who request through our official site. Alternatively, you can find helpful reviews from platforms like the BBB, LIPSA, NESPA, APSP, and PSE&G. We also have a Loop-Loc authorization, which is proof of our esteemed training.

Good portfolio

Every recognizable #1 ranked pool builder in Long Island has a portfolio of previous works. Most will be happy to show you pictures of their past projects, so you know what to expect from our technicians.

Another documentation of a good portfolio is the reviews from previous clients. We have an A+ rating on BBB for our construction of hundreds of swimming pools in Nassau County and Long Island Suffolk County. Our professionalism earns us frequent clients because they trust our consistency of quality. We have several services with formidable results no matter their intensity of operation, such as the following:

  • Maintenance on a weekly and bi-weekly frequency
  • Repairs
  • Opening or closing of the pool
  • Education about the details of owning and maintaining the pool
  • Products necessary for the pool’s functioning, such as pumps, heaters, chlorine generators and liners


Long Island’s most trusted pool builder will be careful not to put you through the turmoil of constant repairs and possible closure of the pool by giving you bandage-like maintenance, so they can keep coming back for the payment of the subsequent repair. Contact our professional staff for one-time services that will last a lifetime or advice on the best way to revitalize the pool, and a free estimate to prepare your budgeting calendar.