Jump into summer with the help of one of many pool companies in Long Island. Public pools are not the only place where germs and debris exist, Majestic Pool Service Inc. offers services to keep your pool safe and in top condition.

What can go wrong with a pool?

Pools may appear strong, built of quality concrete and durable slick surfaces but are liable to wear and tear. Intricate cleaning systems break and allow for the buildup of dirt, bacteria, and viruses.

Even a Long Island trusted pool builder cannot create an indestructible pool that is impermeable to the elements and the people in it. Heaters wear out, liners degrade, concrete cracks and lights stop working.

What happens to my pool in winter?

Pool covers are crucial to the health of your swimming pool. Still, hot summers and cold winters in Suffolk and Nassau counties stress concrete, pumps, and liners.

Expansion and contraction are common in all materials. Checking your pool for issues before the summer filling is a necessity.

How often do I need to clean my pool?

When summer arrives, pool cleaning should be a weekly occurrence. You should also look for leaks, replace lights as needed, and ensure that surfaces are free of cracks.

The staff at Majestic Pool Service Inc. examines your pumps, filters, chlorination, valves, and plumbing to help keep your pool in working order. Chlorination levels and cleaning are key to keeping a healthy environment.

How much do pool liners and pumps cost?

Pumps and liners break. Whether due to the weather or usage, you will need to budget for a replacement. Pumps also utilize large amounts of energy.

Energy Star rated pumps can save you up to $1500 every year, costing only $500 – $1000 to install. Liners are more expensive as they cover the entire surface with a water-resistant material, ranging from $100 to over $4000.

Can preventative maintenance save me money?

As stated, even the #1 ranked pool builder in Long Island cannot prevent damage to your swimming pool. However, it is possible to catch issues before they become a major problem using due diligence and specialized services that are there even when you are on vacation.

Our specialists catch cracks before the lead to torrents, replace parts that may cause a larger failure in the system as a while, and promote healthy levels of chlorine before neighbors blame your household for their illnesses. We keep your system in working order year-round.

Where can I find help maintaining my pool?

Swimming pool contractors in Long Island City NY offer a number of services to prevent damage and keep you safe. From cleaning pools to maintaining equipment embedded in your concrete, Majestic Pool Services Inc. has a long track record within the community.

Our focus on quality gives us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the knowledge to succeed. We strive to be among the best pool services companies on Long Island NY.

Get in touch with our team today to make your summer a breeze with our LI swimming pool services. We want to show you why were consider ourselves among the best pool companies in Long Island.